Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday, February 4 - Day 18

Carl got home last night and Sassy has been a little skittish; she's spending more time in the dining room watching her friend the squirrel on the deck.  Her look reminds me of the old cartoon, "I'm going to hold him and squeeze him and love him and call him George."  If Sassy could catch him I'm sure that's what she would do.  No messes last night but we had both poop and pee yesterday evening which pleased us both.  Before both eliminations she did a little song and dance.  The first time I actually went into the laundry room with her and after a minute or two she climbed into the litter box and peed.  Ten minutes later she went back into the little song and dance but went into the laundry room on her own and pooped.  She raced out of the laundry room like her tail was on fire.

While Carl was checking his e-mail in the living room this morning he let her in while he watched her.  She went straight to the area she used to use as a toilet and started to sniff.  We kept a close eye on her while she checked out the living room and eventually returned to the family room one level down.  The sniffing tells me we didn't succeed in removing all the odor so we will attempt to do that before we let her back in again.  Only one week before work on the bathroom starts and we may need the living room while we move the tubs so perhaps we'll wait until that's done. 

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