Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bathroom remodel - Day 1...

Well, today is the first construction day of my new bathroom.  Parts are piled all over the house, my bookshelves from the hallway are in our bedroom making walking hazardous.  The living room is filled with faucets, shower heads, lights, tile, tile, and more tile, grab bars, towel racks and a shower curtain.  Yesterday Mike was here taking a final check of our renovation list so he knew what supplies he needed.  Except for an extra electrical plug, I hadn't changed my mind on anything.  Still to purchase is the mirror.  I've seen the bathroom in my mind, but I can't see the mirror and I haven't decided if I want a medicine cabinet or just a flat mirror.  I want to wait until I see the vanity in place (before they hook up the sink) before I make the mirror decision.  We will also need paint and I'm not sure where in the process they will use it.  We like to know that so we make sure that all the materials are available for that particular job.  Job one is tearing the bathroom apart.  Tomorrow I will share the 'right now' pictures.  Unfortunately, the right now pictures I took last week are in the computer that's at Dell having its mind replaced.  So, I took new ones but the bathroom is stripped clean and ready for all the ripping and snorting today.  The bathroom should be down to studs in places and tomorrow I imagine they will be putting up cement board for the tub area and adding a new floor for the tile.

I already have a plan for the first night the bathroom is finished.  Mike is putting a dimmer switch on the chandelier next to the tub so I will dim the lights, grab a bottle of wine, turn on the jets in a hot bath, bring my computer in so I can watch Lincoln Lawyer (A hot bath with Matthew McConaughey - does it get any better than that?).

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