Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, Day 19

Sassy had a good breakfast this morning, took her pill with fairly good grace and actually paid me a visit in my craft room - the first time in weeks (of course, she was locked up for a good part of it but even before we locked her up, she hadn't come to visit me).  She jumped up on her platform and eventually went to sleep.  It's nice to have her back up here, I often show her stuff I'm making and ask her opinion.  Don't laugh, she's a kind critic.

Her last visit to the litter box was last night.  Again, we had agitation.  I was upstairs and Carl came to tell me she was crying and running around so I told him to go sit in the laundry room and see if she would go to the bathroom.  When I went downstairs a bit later he said she just laid down while he was in there so I called her back into the laundry room, sat down and it only took her a second to climb into the litter box and pee.  Nothing in the litter box this morning, though.

Today is movie day and I'm showing Sir David Attenborough's Trials of Life.  This DVD set was never released in the United States and is a Region 2 set.  Many years ago I purchased a DVD player that had been hacked to play Region 2 DVDs specifically to play this series.  Unfortunately, we discovered that the DVD player doesn't work well with our big screen so I ran the DVDs through my iSkySoft DVD Ripper which, much to my surprise, reads Region 2 DVDs, copied the DVDs and re-recorded them which made them playable on my BlueRay player.  It was worth ruining a DVD if it didn't work and even though we've lost some of the fabulous clarity of the originals, the resulting DVDs are pretty good.  This series is available on Amazon on VHS which is too bad, I think everyone should have the opportunity to watch this amazing documentary.

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