Friday, February 22, 2013

Bathroom remodel, Day 8...

A little drama due to my husband.  I distinctly heard him say on Wednesday that nothing had gone wrong so far.  You shouldn't tease the devil like that.  First of all a plastic piece from the faucet assembly on the tub has a broken prong.  That had to be ordered from Koehler and I got an e-mail yesterday it had been mailed and was on the way.  Then the drain assembly was too short, Home Depot says that will be here next week.  Finally, the area in the ceiling where the wall was removed is not matching up with the rest of the ceiling, it's very noticeable so I don't know how that will be repaired.  On a high note, all the mudding is done (if you don't count that small area of the ceiling), the priming is finished, both walls and woodwork.  Priming the woodwork made a huge difference in the brightness of the room.  One dilemma I'm having is the door.  All the woodwork and doors in the upstairs hallway are this walnutty color - definitely dark.  It's visible from the living room.  The inside woodwork and door in my bathroom will be painted light dove grey.  But if the door is open, it will be that dark walnutty color (yuch, pugh!)  If we paint the outside of the bathroom door, it will look strange from the living room but if we don't paint it, it will look strange when the door is open in the bathroom.  I wanted to replace the door with a french door and frosted glass.  And maybe I still will.  In the meantime, we should have color on the walls today if they can fix the ceiling.  I'm sure walls won't start until the ceiling looks good.  We're also waiting on the new circuit breaker for the tub to show up; Mike ordered it a week ago and it's coming in the mail. 

Mike wants to finish the painting before the tile work starts so my guess would be we're a far cry from being done on Tuesday (there are only two work days before then).  This bottom picture clearly shows the soffit that I am putting words on.  And the wall to the left of the tub will have the black dandelions on it about 24" tall.  We purchased a gorgeous print of a cheetah cub at Fossil Rim in Texas that I want to frame and put on the top part of the left wall.  I can also use the sliding doors for vinyl - maybe extend the dandelions, what do you think?

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