Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, Day 20

Sassy finally let go last night and left a large deposit in the litter box.  She had been acting flaky, her usual song and dance when she has to go to the bathroom but I couldn't get her to do it when I coaxed her into the bathroom.  She was laying on the hearth when she suddenly she got up and ran into the bathroom - Eureka.  But this morning - nothing.  I gave her the Prozac and fed her.  A few minutes ago Carl came up and asked me if I cleaned her litter box?  Ummm, I've been cleaning it for six months - I didn't understand the question.  It turns out she had left two deposits in the litter box this morning.  It's the very first time she's pooped two days in a row.  She's been going every two to three days, which isn't normal for her pre-meds.  And both bowel movements have been solid and normal looking.  So, I loved her up really good, fed her some treats and Carl removed the barrier to the living room while he's on his computer.  He said she spent some time in the bay window which was one of her favorite places before her retraining.  This is the most hopeful I've been since August.  Fingers crossed.....

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