Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, Day 2

Sassy had a bit of a loose stool yesterday and this morning but both were in the litter box.  We had tickets to see Jersey Boys last night so she was on her own for the first time in weeks.  This morning she peed in the box which is always good although we've not had any liquid accidents since August.  She wasn't hungry this morning and I had a terrible time getting her pill down her, I'm still not sure she actually got it.  That's the trouble with a white bib on a cat, and white pills.  I've actually found it on the floor and have no idea which day it was from.  We only have three more days of the Prozac, we seem to be having a communication problem with the vet.  I called on the 7th to renew her prescription and when we didn't get it in the mail by the 15th, I called them back.  They assured me today that it was mailed on the 15th but it's only about 20 miles to the vet's office so we may have to go pick it up if it doesn't show.  We're expecting a snow storm here tomorrow afternoon through evening and if it's anything like what's been going on up north, we may be in trouble and have a kitty suffering withdrawal.

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