Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bathroom remodel - Day 16...

Tiling around the tub will be finished today.  Mike has decided to finish the wall and then grout the floor.  Tomorrow, he will grout the walls, seal the floor (wait an hour) and then start moving furniture in.  Monday, he will seal the walls and work on everything else will continue.  Perhaps we will be done by Tuesday (fingers crossed). 

We have a small kink going on to the downstairs bathroom.  Our cat has potty issues and we need to confine her in the downstairs bath at night.  We may have to move her to another room while they work - luckily this room will take the least amount of time which is good, because disruption in her schedule or potty place could set us back to square one.  At least, when we're finished, she'll have a bright new room to spend time in.

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