Monday, March 25, 2013

A most excellent cat

I know I'm probably shooting myself in the foot, but since March 9th, we've had absolutely no problems with Sassy.  She's been playful, affectionate and calm.  On the 18th we left home for Memphis, TN, planning to spend three days with friends.  The contractors came in the 18th through the 21st to work on the downstairs bathroom and were considerate enough not to move the litter box while they worked.  We have a cat sitter that came in twice a day to feed her.  When Pat and Mike were here, she had the run of the house.  When they left at night, they enclosed her in her two rooms and hallway.  In the evening, Tiffany would feed her and make sure she was locked up until Pat and Mike came at 9:00 the next day.  The 22nd was the only day she spent locked up and we were home by 2:00 pm.  The night we came home we took down her gate and left her out at night.  So, she's been free since the 22nd and I couldn't be happier with her.  If we can get her through our June vacation with no problems, we will add another cat to our household.

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