Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oy, vey, what a day!

Day before yesterday while the guys were working on the master bathroom, someone hit a water pipe which broke and poured water into the newly finished laundry room/bath.  Some of the ceiling tiles got wet and the floor was flooded.  OK, so we cleaned up that mess.  That evening I got tired of living with the dust so I spent several hours dusting and vacuuming everything in the family room so we would have one clean room to sit in.

Yesterday, the day started with one disaster and they just kept coming.  First my husband was cleaning our fireplace in preparation for a repairman to install new fake logs and cinders and repair the pilot light.  He vacuumed out the old cinders with a wet dry vac and unknowingly threw all the dust from the fireplace all over the family room level of our house.  Everything was covered in black soot - and I mean everything.  We spent another several hours vacuuming the furniture and wiping down everything - pictures, knick knacks, furniture, the tv and blue ray, the dvds, the big wreath on the wall and the drapes in the family room, laundry room, spare bedroom and hallway.  What a HUGE mess and we still haven't cleaned the dining room which is one level up through an open railing.  I don't even want to think about that.

While I was washing all the dirty rags from the clean up, the washing machine started leaking and flooded the laundry room AGAIN.  Will this day ever end?

Pat was loading one of the old shower doors into the trailer to take to the dump when it exploded in his hands.  There was tempered glass everywhere - in the garage, under the cars, all over the driveway.

In the middle of watching Mirror Mirror, Ruthann and I heard a funny noise and discovered that AGAIN a pipe had been dislodged in the master bathroom and AGAIN flooded the laundry room, this time down the walls, through the ceiling tiles, into the litter box and all over the washer and dryer.  While Pat tried to clean up the water, Mike checked the breaker box and managed to turn off the TV and blueray.  We were at the last ten minutes of the movie and had to fast forward to watch it after turning on everything again.  Our TV turns off the TV speakers if the power is interrupted while the blueray is on so it took a few minutes to figure out how to turn them back on again.

While we were at the door saying goodbye to Ruthann, our cat, Sassy, peed on some papers in the living room.  When I went downstairs I saw that her litter box was blocked off with a ladder, tarps and rags.  And she had been so good the last week.  If she does it again, we'll have to lock her up until she remembers where her litter box is.  Lord, I've never been so glad to see a day end.

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  1. The fact that after experiencing ALL THAT you managed to tell the story without one 'bad' word is amazing. You are a much better woman than I! I hope the rest of your week goes much better, and I pray Sassy goes right back to her good new habit of using her box.
    Lu C