Monday, March 25, 2013

2nd Bathroom finished...



The laundry room/bath is next to our family room and is heavily used by guests as well as family.  It was updated with a new toilet, vanity, medicine cabinet, towel bars and light, and was painted a gold-yellow.  It's brighter and fresher than it was and will be hubs new bathroom until the master is finished and that work starts today.  We will purchase a rectangular mirror to place over the washer/dryer and we'll re-frame and rehang some of hubs best photos in here.  Although you can't see it, there is a shower behind the door and it was in good shape so no work there.

We're ready for another month of dust and contractor's tools filling the house.  And I'm trying to get ready for a craft show on Saturday, I'm woefully behind in card-making due to our Memphis trip and trying to keep the mess at a minimum.  I haven't even made any Easter cards this year.  It seems as if we've been living in chaos all of our lives.


  1. Huzzah, My bathroom is done!! Ruthann

  2. I use to feel like that but when your finished you can relax, well until the next job, when you have a house there is always something needing done, looks lovely.
    Chris x