Thursday, March 28, 2013

Creating a new craft room....

Since we're remodeling all three bathrooms in our home, and since we're removing three vanities that are exactly the same except for width, and since those vanities have storage capabilities and can be topped with counter tops and are a great height, we are going to paint them, add new knobs and shelves inside, have tops cut to fit them and put them in my craft room.  My husband is going to lay out the room on graph paper, cut the vanities and other furniture to scale out of graph paper and let me arrange my room.  As soon as it gets a little warmer, we will sand and paint the vanities (or perhaps sand, put them in place and then paint them).  The drawers are nice and deep so I can put supplies in cases and store them.  The medicine cabinets are five inches deep.  Carl removed the doors and we're left with shelves which will line up on the counter tops against the wall.  They will be perfect for ink pads, Stickles, glue, tape, alcohol inks, you know, the small stuff.  Right now I have very little counter space but lots of shelves.  I plan to give at least two of the shelves to my daughter and just keep one for paper, thus turning my room into lots of counter space with fewer shelves.  While we rebuild my room, I will be divesting myself of craft supplies that are seldom used, pitching some and donating some.  I will post before and after pictures.

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