Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday, March 7, Day 1 (again)

Sassy peed on the floor in the living room on top of the contractor's tarp sometime Tuesday night.  In all fairness to her, there had been a spot of poop that we called 'drop off' on the tarp and I said to myself 'we really need to clean that up', but STUPID STUPID me - just didn't do it.  I would have had to move all the contractor's buckets and paint cans and tools, pick up the tarp, wash it and repeat the process putting it back.  So.....the cat after walking past it several days, decided it was the place to pee and so she did.  Of course, we cleaned that up thoroughly, sprayed it and covered it with buckets.  So, she moved a foot down the tarp and pooped and peed last night.  Carl cleaned it up and moved her food, water, and bed into the bathroom and there she spent the night.

This morning she pooped twice in the box and had breakfast.  I let her out of the bathroom, got another litter pan, washed it thoroughly, added new litter and placed it in the laundry room.  About twenty minutes later, I heard her howling so I called her into the bathroom and she jumped right into the box and peed.  Then she ran around the family room so I could chase her.  I loved on her a bit and went back to my craft room.  I then ordered a very tall pet gate and we're going to place it in the hallway outside the laundry room/bathroom so we can confine her to a small area.  She will have to stay in the bathroom/hallway/spare bedroom area while we are gone.  More than enough room for her to roam and two windows for her to watch out of.  We can cover the spare bed with a tarp before we leave but she's never made a mess in there.  Yet.  She only has two places she goes regularly outside the box, the living room floor and my chair or footstool.  We are getting weary of the ups and downs - she's good for a long time and then back slides, then good, then back slides.  I get so depressed and just wish I could break through to her. 

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