Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunshine and roses...

No accidents since April 16th, knock wood.  Sassy is back to calling me so I can come and play with her.  We really need to get her a playmate, I'm way too old to be chasing her.  She has such fun running and hiding, waiting for me to find her and then running again.  We've blocked off the living room since the 16th and washed the tarp she peed on.  As soon as the last bathroom is finished, we'll have the carpet professionally cleaned.  She's being as good as gold as long as she can't get to that particular tarp.  There are tarps on the floor in our bedroom but she doesn't seem to care about those.  She's back to jumping into my tub in the morning and playing with the ping pong ball.  I think as soon as the flood subsides, we'll head across the river and pick her up a pal. 

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