Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bathroom remodel - Day 15...

Tile work started in earnest yesterday.  Even though it was movie day, I couldn't help but run upstairs every twenty minutes to see the progress - which is slow.  If you double click the first photo and look in the corner, you will see the tiny cuts that had to be made in order to fill the wall.  Mike tried all combinations to avoid those cuts but unless we tore out the master bathroom which is to the left of this bathroom and increased my wall size, there was no helping the small pieces.  Just the nature of tile work.  You can see from the second photo how meticulous the cutting has been.  Pat said he figured he went up and down the stairs to the top level over 100 times while cutting the tile for the floor (the tile saw is in the garage).  He may well top that total with this tile and they still have the master to do which has waaaaaaay more tile than mine does.  The master will have tile on the floor, half way up the walls and the entire shower five foot shower both walls and floor.

A funny thing about the trim tile - the glass rows three quarters of the way up - I matched the wall paint to the dark glass tile but it seems the light grey tile is the exact match for the paint on the walls that has now dried for over a week.  It seems that paint is funny - it changes color as it dries and sometimes you can't tell the true color for many days - this paint started out looking like a beigy peachy color, now it looks grey, at least to me.  Everyone has a different idea of what color it is, however, I am still thrilled with the color and the trim tile.  You can't imagine how bright the bathroom has become with that big expanse of white tile.  Can't wait to see all the rest of the white furniture come in.  I saw the door with its coat of primer and trim color.  I would imagine it has at least one more coat to add, perhaps more on the door.  That's possibly the last thing they will install - and about ten minutes before I climb into that tub of hot water.

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