Friday, April 5, 2013

Sassy is just delightful....

Since my last post, no accidents and Sassy has become very fond of the two construction workers, Mike and Pat.  She spends part of her day checking out their work; we figured she thought the new shower base was just a huge litter box so we had to keep an eye on her for a while.  She's found a new place to sleep, on top of my sewing machine in the spare bedroom and she likes the window open when it's nice outside.  This window is just above ground level and looks out on the bluebird box on the north side of the house. 

She still calls me once in a while.  I'll be on the top floor crafting and hear her howling.  When I walk into the bathroom with her litter box, she follows me right in and does her business.  But she does that less often than she used to.   She's a great one for running through the house at top speed and encouraging me to chase her.  She likes to hide (in plain sight) beside my footstool and wait for me to slap the top of it and yell "Boo".  She'll take off like her tail's on fire and expects me to chase her.  And I do.  Anything that keeps Sassy happy and healthy is OK with us.

We have a vet appointment this afternoon to have her left eye checked.  It's still leaking copious amounts of fluid and I worry that it's uncomfortable for her.  So, we'll have it checked.

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