Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Sadie breakthrough

Sadie is notorious for hating to be picked up.  She growls low in her throat and starts to struggle almost immediately.  I have slowly been trying to show her that being picked up isn't always a bad thing so when she comes to my craft room and winds around my ankles, I pick her up for a few minutes and place her on my lap.  I rub her ears and under her throat and when she growls, I put her down.  This morning she not only laid on my lap for a full ten minutes, she purred while she did.  It's only the fourth time I've felt her purring but the last two times have been yesterday and today.  She's also more comfortable running around the house without worrying about Sassy (who still chases her once in a while).  Carl got up first this morning, fed the girls and started coffee.  Sadie came up to bed to wake me up.  Ten and a half pounds doesn't sound like much until it's walking on you.  Needless to say, I got up.  When Sadie went back to her food dish, Sassy jumped up in the bay window and laid down right above Sadie's head so she could stare at her.  Sadie looked up, hissed once, and went back to eating.  A month ago that would have sent Sadie running upstairs, now she's standing her ground which is a breakthrough I've been waiting for.

We have heavy equipment scheduled today for the bushes.  Since Carl hurt his back we have not been working in the garden.  We still have as much left to do as we've done already but it may have to wait until early fall.  It's getting too hot now to transplant without affecting the health of the plants and having to water every five minutes.

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