Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If it's not one thing, it's something else....

Day before yesterday Carl discovered one of the cats peed on the waterproof pads in the spare bedroom.  We've been closing the bedroom door before bedtime but he forgot.  We still can't figure out if it's Sadie being trapped in the spare bedroom by Sassy or Sassy just angry about something.  This morning I found pee in my bathroom, and we still don't know which cat it is.  Sassy is still following Sadie around everywhere she goes while the two of them are awake.  Sadie is still growling at Sassy most of the time but they have moments when they're together and tranquil.  I tried to move Sadie's food next to Sassy's but Sadie wouldn't touch it until I moved it back into the living room.  All is quiet now, I suspect the girls are napping.  They seem to be really active first thing in the morning after eating and then again after supper.  Sometimes during the night I hear them running through the house.  The two of them together sound like a herd of elephants, especially when they're upstairs and we're downstairs.  We haven't made up our minds yet about Labor Day - whether to leave them both here or take Sassy with us and leave Sadie.  Who knew that having two cats was going to be ten times more trouble than one?

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