Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sadie does tricks

I caught both the girls in the bay window today.  Sadie was swishing her tail which is a sign of agitation for her but Sassy was cool and calm.  The stray cat was seen in the front yard this morning and Sadie practically pointed she was so excited.  I spent an hour playing with them in the living room and I swear Sadie thinks she's a dog.  We have a tunnel we purchased for our last cat.  Sassy hated it so we put it away.  While scrounging for garage sale stuff we found it and set it up for Sadie.  Sadie adores it.  She will run to the end by the ring and wait, tail swishing.  If I dangle the green fuzzy thing at the other end, Sadie will run through the tunnel and pounce on it.  And then go around to start all over again.  We must have done that twenty times before she got bored this morning.  To see if it was a fluke, I tried it again after lunch today and the same thing happened.  Bring on the fire rings, I may take this act on the road.

Sassy's latest trick is to run up Carl's recliner to the top of the back and make it rock wildly.  She rides it until it stops and then she does it again.  They continue to make us laugh which is really why we adopt them, right?

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