Friday, July 26, 2013

It's raining, it's pouring

the old man is snoring.  I think I'm dating myself here.  We used to jump rope or hand slap to this tune when I was a kid.  Seriously, it started raining here early this morning and it's that nice gentle steady rain that looks like it might be around for a while, the kind of rain the farmers love and so do we.  The trees have been a bit droopy and the plants we've transplanted have been a little stressed even though we water them daily; sometimes twice a day.  I did manage to get out this morning and weed the new raised bed.  I found some chocolate mint in the new bed (that bed is now doomed) but I think I got most of it out.  The bees love chocolate mint, me....not so much.  Anything in the mint family will take over your garden as soon as you plant it and turn your back.  You might as well just call a bulldozer to dig up the whole bed and haul it away.  I've been fighting the mint since it came in attached to a plant someone gave me (he doesn't get Christmas cards from me anymore, you betcha); despite my best efforts, it has taken over the back flower bed.  It's one of the reasons we created the new raised bed and started moving plants into it.  I'm keeping an eagle's eye out for the mint and will jump on it like a duck on a june bug as soon as I see it.  Hopefully, it won't get away from me again.

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