Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sadie is a tattletale....

This morning both cats were in the family room playing with the flannel strip on a stick.  Sassy was on one side of the scratching post playing with the end of the strip and Sadie was laying on the other side playing with the strip where it came out of the acrylic stick.  Sometimes I think Sadie screams just to hear herself scream, like a little kid yelling, "She's touching me".  She screams when she gets a claw stuck, she screams when you pick her up, she screams when the flannel strip stick hits her on the butt.  Perhaps we're just doomed to live with a screamer.

This morning I went to fill up the feeders in the front yard (Sadie's source of entertainment - Sassy's source is Sadie) and Sadie tried to get outside when I opened the front door.  She hasn't tried that before so we'll have to keep an eye on her.  She's much more comfortable roaming the house every day.  She had a bitch-slapping session with Sassy yesterday through the railing.  Sadie was in the family room on the back of the couch trying to jump up through the railing into the dining room and Sassy was in the dining room with her head stuck through the railing and they slapped at each other a bit with Sadie hissing.  No blood or injuries and it was over in a heartbeat, too quickly for us to grab the water bottle.  It's funny when Sadie finds a place to hide for a nap and Sassy can't find her; Sassy is all over the house looking like she can't bear to have Sadie out of her sight even for a moment.  I can't think what Sassy thinks Sadie is going to do.

I'm in the process of cleaning out my craft room and getting ready for the furniture we plan to move in as soon as it's primed and painted.  By organizing, throwing away junk and adding to my donate/garage sale pile, it will be so much easier when we actually get ready to move the furniture in.  Sadie has been up to visit many times getting into the boxes I'm trying to empty.  They were napping until I opened the door to the patio and the front door.  Sadie cannot resist an open door and it woke her up from a dead sleep - which woke Sassy up.  It's nice to have the house opened, the weather for the last few days has been wonderful.  The air smells like northern Wisconsin in the early fall and it's been chilly at night and the breeze pushes out the lace curtains in the bedrooms.  It's a great time to be doing major cleaning so I'd best get back to it.

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