Monday, July 15, 2013

Sadie explores...

We adopted Sadie on April 30th.  In all that time she's only been in the Family room a couple of times and I carried her there twice.  She hated it and couldn't wait to run back to the safety of her window in the living room.  We figured she'd live her entire life in the top two floors of our home.  Yesterday I had to do laundry while Carl went to help the kids build a pergola on their new patio.  I usually watch TV in the family room because the laundry room is right behind the big screen TV so it's easy to hear the washer and dryer.  I was washing my second load with Sassy on my footstool and when she perked up, I looked to see what caught her attention.  Son of a gun - Sadie was coming down the stairs into the family room.  I actually picked Sassy up and held her while Sadie explored the laundry room, hallway and spare bedroom.  She discovered the perch on the sewing machine case that allows her to get to the spare bedroom window and the double bed.  When I finally let Sassy down, she ran into the spare bedroom and eventually Sadie headed back to her window.  But an hour later, she was back down in the family room.  And later that evening when Carl and I were watching TV, she hung out in the dining room looking through the spindles into the family room.  The one time Sassy charged her while Sadie was on the steps, Sadie batted her in the head and Sassy turned and ran.

There was another chasing this morning with a little noise from Sadie.  Sadie jumped up on the cat tree and Sassy stood up on her hind legs and batted at Sadie - hmmmm, new game?  Sometimes we can't tell if Sassy is playing or aggressive.  This morning looked like playing to me, but what do I know?   We should receive the new cat bed for the bay window this morning.  It will be interesting to see if they ever share it.

On another note, day before yesterday Sadie was sleeping in the window in my craft room when I took the nail clippers up and managed to actually cut some of her nails.  I still have at least half to finish but there's hope that someday I'll be able to do that without her ripping me up.

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