Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Home sweet home....

We arrived home on Saturday evening in time to feed the girls dinner.  After cleaning out the car, we released Sassy.  To date there have been no messes from Sassy, but no fool me, I have covered my chair and after extensive cleaning, covered the expensive spread in the spare room.  We have been working in the garden, we're renovating flower beds and transplanting a gazillion plants while the weather holds.  Sassy is at the family room window crying some of the time.  I've even stopped work to come in and convince her we are home and not intending to leave again (until September).  There have been the occasional chases, some hissing (on Sadie's part) but things have been relatively calm.  We did block off our bedroom.  Our white duvet was completely covered in Sadie's black fur, I guess our bed was her bed of choice while we were gone.  The first night we were back, Sassy chased Sadie into our bedroom, up on our bed, over both of us with claws in hubby's neck and back down into the living room.  Not a good way to wake up, I thought Carl was going to have a heart attack.  So, no cats in the bedroom.  Sadie is now next to my computer on the perch in the window grooming after having finished her breakfast.  I'm not sure where Sassy is but I have to get back to the gardening.  I took a picture of both of them in the bay window this morning and I was thinking, why can't we all just get along?  After this picture, Sassy walked to the right and laid down.  Let's hope the quiet continues.

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