Thursday, July 4, 2013

Purr, purr, purr

Things are still quiet here.  Sassy is not quite as vocal as she was on Sunday and Monday.  Sadie was in my craft room window when I came to check e-mail this morning and when I scratched her head she started purring.  Only about the third time since we've had her.  I finally left the gate to our bedroom down last night and no disturbances.  There is still a big division of the house.  Sadie reigns in the top floor, and the main floor.  Sassy owns the bottom two floors.  We're hoping that Sadie will soon venture to other parts of the house.  Sassy no longer spends most of her day watching Sadie and she's back to playing with her 'ghosts'.  One thing puzzles me.  While we were gone Sassy pooped on my chair and the bedspread but since we've been back there have been no messes and she's been using Sadie's box almost all the time.  I wonder if locking up Sadie so Sassy couldn't get to her litter box caused the problem and not separation anxiety.  I guess we'll never know.  Sadie let me pick her up for about five minutes when we first got home but is back to hating to be picked up.  I'm working on that slowly - I pick her up until she demonstrates that she really wants down and then I put her down.  I'm working on showing her that nothing happens when I pick her up except her ears get rubbed and I want her to be confident she can get down anytime she says.

On another note:  our bluebirds fledged four chicks on Sunday.  One egg refused to hatch.  I cleaned out the box, scrubbed it down, and opened it up to dry.  The bluebirds are back today to check out the box so I guess the fledglings are on their own and mom and dad are ready for the second clutch.  I will be home to see the whole process as their next brood will be gone before we leave in September.

Gardening work continues.  We have some more plants to transplant today and the guys come tomorrow to yank out the bushes in the front of the house so we can create our last flower bed and move plants into it.  Work in the gardens should be finished by the end of July (crossed fingers) and I can get back to other pursuits such as spending more time with the girls.

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