Monday, July 22, 2013

How I roll....again....

There are lots of things I do to keep myself organized.  I have a Mead 9.5" x 6" notebook that I list every card I make and the recipe along with a unique number (I'm now at 2417 - two thousand, four hundred and seventeen cards I've made).  When I take a picture of this card, I name it 2417.  When I add this photo to my blog, the name changes to 2417-blog.  At a glance of this directory I know which cards have made an appearance on my blog and which haven't.  I can also do a search of all cards that have made it to my blog and, of course, I can see the picture of each card.  I am religious about my notebook, it stays on my desk all the time and each supply that makes it to a finished card goes into the notebook, along with its number.  I use it as a reference almost everyday.  When I package the card, I use a circle sticker on the back of the cellophane for the price and also include the number of the card.  I write that number down when I sell a card and update my notebook with a small stamp next to the recipe for that card.  Some cards I've recreated many times because they are big sellers and each time I sell another one, I re-stamp the notebook.  It's easy to tell which cards are my best sellers.  Sometimes I take multiple photos of one card, perhaps to show a detail.  In that case, those picture's names have a letter behind them, starting with a, 2417a.   

According to my notebook, these are Peachy Keen stamps from the  April 2013 release, the foliage is Spellbinders Foliage 2, the frame is Spellbinders Opulent Ovals (gorgeous, right?), the bee's face is PK-1200 Moodies, the sentiment is PTI Honey Bee Sentiments and the copics I used are Y38, Y35, B0000 and C9.  This card was totally stolen from somewhere.  I made a sketch of it when I saw it but neglectfully didn't get the maker's name.  If it's yours, give a shout-out so I can credit you.

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