Friday, July 5, 2013

Mary, Mary quite contrary....

Another day of gardening yesterday.  We're down to renovating two beds now.  Saturday we're having a bunch of bushes removed, the area amended and planting the rest of the plants we wish to keep.  The rest will be opened up to friends and relatives.  We have more plants than we know what to do with so some will just have to find new homes.
This is the area we refer to laughingly as "The Courtyard" now surrounded with a fence to keep the deer out.  I have three types of tomatoes, cucumbers, and green peppers as well as some plants the hummingbirds like.
The is the fence around The Courtyard and a view of the pond garden which is going to be completely redone this month.
This is the same fence around the old raised bed - we're transferring all the plants the deer love into this bed so I don't have to spray anymore.   The beauty of this fence is each section can be removed by pulling out the stake which holds it to its neighbor.  The stake fits into a drilled hole to hold it into place.  It's the loveliest and most practical fence I've ever had and I dearly love my husband for this solution.
The old deck canopy frame - we've planted a honeysuckle on the back left leg.
The new raised bed.  We're transferring all the plants from the bed behind this one into this one.  We're also planting some of the pond bed plants in this one.  It's high enough that I can sit on the edge to weed, a great idea for these tired old bones.
The deck on the shed.  It's covered with mulch bags now but will soon be cleaned off and a great place to sit late in the day - the sun sets behind the shed.  The trumpet vine on the right has been trained as a tree.
 The bee balm patch.

 Butterfly weed.
 Powwow white coneflowers
Tomatoes are getting big - hope they ripen soon, I do love me a good vine-ripened tomato.

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