Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A truce...

"Sadie" spent her first night in our home in the spare bedroom.  When we got up this morning she was on Sassy's perch on top of the sewing machine cabinet.  We both went in and loved on her for a bit, she's wonderfully affectionate.  We removed the gate and Sassy has been in the bedroom several times but now Sadie is under the bed.  We'll leave them alone for now.  Sassy hissed once when Sadie first got here but we're of a mind that it's the smell she hates.  Sassy spent a month at the A.R.K. and the smell is what you'd expect for fifty cats and fifty dogs in one building, Sadie is pungent.  I could smell her in the car when I brought her home, we could smell her in the bedroom and we have a bath scheduled for today.

I have officially added her name to the litter box area in our laundry room.  We will also have boxes in other parts of the house but this has been Sassy's box for six weeks and it's working well.  While I was trying to adhere the vinyl to the wall, Sassy kept getting in the way so I have hair on the transfer paper.  But I think it came out well, I like it and it really decorates the laundry room.  I may add some 'cat' words to the wall in the future.  I also did a vinyl picture on a tumbler for my daughter who's into Zombies in a big way, so I think vinyl work is here to stay.

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