Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's not war but....

it isn't peace, either.  We adopted Sadie one week ago today and so far she's only ventured off of the top floor twice - she got to the family room once and Sassy chased her back and she ventured into the foyer and dining room a few days ago only to be chased back.  There's no noise, no hissing, no growling, no fighting - just a firm division of the house.  Sadie has the top floor but Sassy gets to visit.  Sassy has the rest of the house but Sadie can't visit.

Sassy also doesn't use Sadie's litter box which is currently in my craft room.  Sadie hasn't had a chance to use Sassy's, she hasn't been allowed in the laundry room.  We don't know if Sassy is really against Sadie being in the rest of the house or if it's a game Sassy plays (like wanting me to chase her).  She doesn't seem stressed by Sadie, more curious than anything.  They were both in our bedroom closet this morning and no fighting, Sassy wanted to play and Sadie was content behind a box.  I would have thought by now they would at least tolerate each other.  Five more weeks until we leave on vacation so we still have time for them to make friends.

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