Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The gate is down....

I spent several hours in the living room this morning with the gate closed and both Sassy and Sadie closed in together.  I took the paper and settled into the only chair to read.  Sassy made one run at Sadie, Sadie hissed and moved under the Jimmy Buffet chair and after that they ignored each other.  Sassy found a ball to play with and Sadie moved into her spot in the bay window.    A few minutes later Sassy jumped up into the window and there they were - together, not fighting, no growling, no hissing.  After about ten minutes Sadie made her way to the right behind the plants, jumped down from the right side of the window and went to her food dish to finish breakfast. 

That was forty-five minutes ago.  My husband removed the gate, the cats are free to come and go.  The plants have been removed for their safety, fighting cats wouldn't be good for plants.  There's a litter box in the living room and one down another level that Sadie doesn't know about yet because she hasn't spent any time on the next level.  I just took this picture, I have no idea where Sassy is but she's not terrorizing Sadie, obviously.  And Sadie doesn't seem too nervous, right?  I am heading to the grocery store soon and don't feel as if I can't leave them unattended.  I'm taking a deep breath that the worst is past and we can all just get along.

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