Friday, May 3, 2013

Sadie is like smoke....

After living on the top floor of our quad level home for two days, as we were watching television this morning, Sadie suddenly appeared in the family room.  Even Sassy who was laying on the hearth didn't notice her until we did.  Sadie was playing with one of the many balls on the floor when Sassy finally figured out that Sadie was not part of the furniture.  Sassy got really low to the ground and took off running toward Sadie but not in an aggressive way.  Sadie backed up and ran into the spare bedroom.  So, it's still a truce.  There was no growling or hissing, just that awareness.  Sadie is now in the spare bedroom in the corner (but comes out when Carl and I go in) and Sassy is back to the hearth.  It is encouraging that Sadie came down on her own.  And she has again used the litter box in my craft room which is a huge deal in our house - we celebrate cats that use the litter box.

Last night just before I got ready to take my shower, I went to turn on the light in the bedroom and Sadie was laying on the bed, bold as brass.  I took a shower and got into bed to read "Game of Thrones" but Sadie would not leave me alone.  We wanted a lap cat which Sassy isn't, but Sadie was a bit of a pest.  She kept rubbing her head on my Kindle and then tasting a corner of it.  She alternated between rubbing my hand, nipping my hand and licking my hand.

We're going to try and bathe Sadie again today using Dawn to try to get the greasy feel out of her fur.  Her tail is shiny and soft, I think the rest of her will be that way, too, once we've scrubbed her down good, now her fur is all stuck together.

Stay tuned....

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