Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Baby steps....

Something happened today that makes me hopeful that Sassy and Sadie will someday be friends.  I was in the bedroom where Sadie is still living, talking to her and playing with a green fuzzy thing on a stick when Sassy walked into the bedroom and sat in the doorway.  I continued to play with Sadie and soon Sassy walked over to the scratching post within three feet of Sadie and laid down.  So, I played with Sassy and then played with Sadie; they both played with the fuzzy thing and although Sadie did a bit of a growl in her throat, there were no signs of aggression.  So, inspired, I ran down to the family room for the laser and let them chase the little red dot for a while.  Although they never got closer to each other than three feet, no aggression.  Finally, Sassy headed downstairs and I went back into my craft room thinking to repeat that performance later in the day.

Five minutes later I hear the mother of all cat screams, truly, it scared me.  I run out to see what's going on and see Sadie in the doorway of the bedroom and Sassy in the foyer at the front door.  Sassy's tail was all fluffed out and the fur around her head was standing on end.  I ran down the stairs just in time to see another cat turning the corner at the side of the house.  Apparently, another cat had been on our front porch and Sassy was claiming the house as hers.  I've never heard her do that before - frightening.  The encouraging thing is she's never done that to Sadie.  A little low growling, a little hissing but very minor, especially when you compare it to what she did today.  I didn't realize cats could make a noise that loud.  I hope she never does that at night, we'll both have heart attacks.  Even my husband heard it in the basement and he's two floors down, he came rushing up thinking Sadie and Sassy were killing each other.

Seeing what Sassy could do but doesn't makes me feel in time they will open up to each other and at least be tolerant if not great friends.  Sadie goes for her bath in the morning which will be less pleasant for her than for me.  I can't wait to see her all glossy and mat free.

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