Saturday, May 4, 2013

Channeling Psycho...

Our beloved Himalayan, Psycho, passed away last July and while we were bereft, we also celebrated all the years she was with us and some of the really silly stuff she did.  Like push everything off of the table on my side of the bed, one item at a time until I noticed her.  She would also get her paw under the metal handle of the same table, raise it up, and drop it, making a clanging noise.  She would do this endlessly.  In the morning, she thought it was time to eat at 4:00 a.m. and would continue to pester us until we got up to feed her.  Truthfully, it was the only time she was really affectionate.  She had belonged to my husband's mother and while she was never abused, she was never totally loved either (after all, she was just a cat).  The only toys she ever had were the rings off of milk jugs so she didn't play with the gazillion toys we bought her.  She didn't lay in the plush bed until the week of her death, she liked the climbing tower, spending hours on the top, she didn't like the little cubby she could hide and sleep in.  She was a cat of many facets as most cats are, being neither one personality nor another, but many.  I still miss her dreadfully although Sassy quickly worked her way into my heart and is sweet and funny (and even not very affectionate).

Sadie, however, is a completely different kettle of fish.  Being in the shelter since she was a kitten, she is starved for affection and will pet herself if you just give her a hand.  She also will nip at it, hold it in both paws and bathe it like she did to me in the middle of the night.  She also walks over the pillows behind our heads, like Psycho did.  Last night, she was pushing my Kindle and glasses off the table which woke me up and I made her get down.  She played all night long and she runs like an elephant.  I placed three toys in the bedroom for her to play with, today they are nowhere to be found (it's hub's job to find them which keeps him really busy in retirement). 

This morning Sassy hunkered down in the bedroom door, Sadie under the rocking chair about six feet away, clear line of sight between the two.  No growling, ears were up, no ruffled fur.  An hour later Sassy was actually in the bedroom in front of the closet, Sadie was on the bed.  Still no confrontation.  Sassy was also in Sadie's litter box checking it out.  We are staying out of it, hoping that things stay calm and knowing it will take a while for them to become friends.  We still have not bathed Sadie, those claws are wicked and neither of us have mentioned it for two days - maybe if we talk about it, we'll be compelled to do it so we just avoid it.  Still have the appointment for Thursday.

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