Thursday, May 30, 2013

Plan F...

The spray bottle is actually the best idea I've found for teaching lessons except we can't carry the bottle everywhere we go or know where the cats are at all times.  So, a new plan.  I sat in the living room for several hours today with a good book and a spray bottle.  I locked both cats in with me.  Sadie, poor dear, is apprehensive all the time, creeping around low to the ground and swiveling her head in all directions with each step.  She's just waiting for Sassy to pounce.  Sassy did her creeping thing, one slow step at a time acting like Sadie was prey and  every time Sassy took a run at Sadie, I shot her with a stream of water which stopped her cold.  It took three shots before she started after Sadie and then of her own accord, backed away.  I even grabbed Sassy and gave her a good brushing on the footstool while Sadie sat in the bay window.  When Sadie went down for a nap, I removed Sassy and went to do housework.  As soon as Sadie is up again, I will repeat the process.  They will only be together when I am with them holding the spray bottle.  Sassy is actually funny when she gets hit because she has no idea where it's coming from.  Sadie is now snoozing comfortable in her window with no fear of Sassy and Sassy is curled up in her favorite chair in the family room.  Ah, peace and quiet.

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