Sunday, May 12, 2013

Craft sale on May 18th

I've recently learned how to make "word" albums in Silhouette Studio.  I saw a wonderful YouTube video that was clear and easy to follow.  You can find the video here.  I didn't have any chipboard but I do have heavy card stock so I just cut every letter twice and glued them together.  I covered the top of every letter with designer card stock which added to the weight and the underside of every letter with plain card stock so there were four layers on each letter which created a pretty sturdy album.  It's about 12" wide and a little over 3" tall and has room inside for photos and journal-ling.  This would make a cute gift for a new grandmother with photos of a new baby.  I've also created several that say "mother" and several that say "football".  I'm trying to get them finished before I have to pack for the sale on May 18th.  My next sales are September and October when I will be putting some tumblers with vinyl on them out for sale.  Of course, I still have a large selection of cards that will be going.

I'm learning to like craft shows.  My husband helps me set up the awning and tables and then goes off to do whatever husbands do after they dump their wives at the school, park, fairgrounds, etc.  He comes back to help me pack up, bless his pea-picking little heart.  I always make 'rent' money and sometimes have a really good day.  I purchased my Cameo with money made from craft sales.  I keep all that money separate from household money and when I get enough, I buy something neat.  That last week before the sale is a push to get everything done.  If the tumblers and vinyl do well, next March I will take my computer and Cameo and just do vinyl. 

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  1. this is very pretty!! any grandma would love it with the grandbaby photos in it!! beauuutiiful color!!!!
    oh, happy to know you are enjoying the craft sale.. your craft projects are always so neat and unique!!!