Sunday, May 26, 2013

I'm at my wit's end....

Whatever that means...  Sassy and Sadie continue to butt heads.  We have been closing Sadie in the living room while she eats and uses the litter box.  We have been tossing Sassy in the closed in living room and letting Sadie out to roam.  It amazes me they can lay in the living room window almost touching each other and still squabble.

We're only 14 days from vacation and I had thought they'd be OK with each other by now.  They can play with the same toy and still .....  I think I'm just going to let them work it out with each other.  We're keeping separate feeding stations and two litter boxes but I'm not putting the gate back up.  Sassy can't watch Sadie 24/7, she sleeps too much.  Hopefully, Sadie will just get tired of Sassy's BS and do something about it.  She does ignore Sassy most of the time, but when Sassy runs at her, Sadie runs away, usually back to her window.  The fabulous news is both cats are using the litter box all the time and Sassy is relaxed enough to allow me to brush her again.  Sadie is more nervous.  She doesn't like to be picked up and will growl when I do it.  But she doesn't show aggression.  The only rooms in the house we have closed off today are the two bedrooms and my husband's basement workroom.  We can't get Sadie out from under the beds and Carl's workroom is a maze of photo props, we'd never find her in there.  Other than those three rooms, they have the run of the house.  Let's see what they do with it.

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