Sunday, May 12, 2013

The truce is broken.....

Sadie has finally shaken all of the sedation medicine from her bath on Thursday.  Yesterday was spent laying around on our bed learning how to groom with no fur.  She was affectionate to us and ignoring Sassy when Sassy would come upstairs.  This morning is different.  I'm in my craft room, Sadie was in our bedroom (same floor) and Sassy was downstairs.  Suddenly there was growling and hissing and they were both in my craft room.  Sadie is on my left behind my embossing station and Sassy is under my desk on my right.  Someone has been in the litter box, but they didn't scratch, so I didn't hear it.  That happened several times last night also.  I was in here working and suddenly the room was filled with a foul odor.  Yep, someone used the box and didn't flush.  We are singing the praises of both cats who continue to use the litter boxes - Sassy uses both of them and Sadie uses one of them (even after Sassy uses it).  Makes me wonder if Sassy will still go to the bathroom in my craft room when we finally move this litter box to the basement (our living room is still blocked off so she can't go to the bathroom in there).  We are going to redo my craft room soon, probably in late May in order to gather things I don't use any more for our local neighborhood garage sale.  Since we've remodeled all three bathrooms and all three vanities were exactly the same except for width, we are going to bring them into my craft room and put a counter on top of them.  Lots of storage and a cohesive look.  I have a big craft sale coming up the 18th, we can't start until then, I'm actually still working on items to sell.

As I type, Sadie is still behind the embossing station and Sassy is still under the desk sleeping.  Maybe a confrontation will lead to something other than this apartness they have cultivated.  Sadie cannot continue to live in our bedroom and our clock is ticking down until vacation, just 32 days to go and they will be at each others mercy.  Sadie spent the night last night on our bed, snuggled between us, possibly for warmth, possibly for affection.  She climbed on the bed when I went to bed and tried to eat my Kindle again.  Be careful what you ask for - I wanted a lap cat, I think she might be one.

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