Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 18 in the big house...

Tuesday - 6:26 a.m. - Sassy seems like her old self today.  She spent the night in the laundry room and couldn't get out fast enough this morning although as soon as she saw I had her breakfast, she ran right back in.  She ate breakfast and she had used her litter box twice - and covered it up.  I know it's too soon to get excited, but this covering it up action is encouraging.  As long as we've had her (since August 2), she's rarely done any covering or scratching in her litter box.  She was spirited and playing when I left her in the family room.  I've opened up the spare bedroom once again for her running pleasure.

We expect her hairball medicine to show up tomorrow.  I'll let you know how that works.  She still isn't regulated - she's not back to one bowel movement a day yet.  She didn't have one yesterday although the day before that she had several.  It's as if she's holding it and waiting for 'the voices' to tell her it's time to make a deposit.

Last night while Carl held her down and talked sweetly to her, I took the clippers and clipped the hair on her butt, the back of her tail and the back of her legs.  With her tail down, you can't even tell, but this should help with clean up.  She didn't seem to really care what we were doing and as soon as we were finished, she thoroughly inspected the clippers.  Carl said she couldn't figure out why it smelled like her butt.  All the fur I clipped (and it was a bunch) and all the fur from brushing goes into a sack next to my chair.  In the spring I will load a large grid peanut feeder with all the fur and watch the titmice fight over it.  For a few days there will be cat fur all over the backyard but they will clean it up nicely.  Titmice seem to love cat fur for lining their nests.  Our house seems a little dry this year even though the humidifier is working well.  Perhaps her disinterest in grooming is due to the static electricity that appears sometimes when I brush her.  She does seem to be scratching more often (she doesn't have fleas) so perhaps she has dry skin.

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