Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, Day 6

Sassy is spending the day with me in my craft room and I'll tell you, she's a little freaked out.  It's been weeks since she's been in any part of the house but the family room/laundry room with an occasional stroll into the spare bedroom.  I've plugged in a diffuser with her Feliway in it and placed her on her platform in the window but she keeps running to the door and crying.  Hopefully she will settle down soon.

No accidents in 5 days.  She had a healthy bowel movement yesterday and urinated several times.  She's eating well, she had half a can of Fancy Feast today but I don't think she touched the hairball pill.

She's now happy playing with a piece of string and has quieted down.  So, we'll craft today and see how that goes.

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