Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday, January 26 - Day 9

Sassy had another kind of runny bowel movement late Thursday and nothing since then.  She has peed, but nothing solid in two days.  She's also been alone in the family room for a while today.  I look in on her every twenty minutes or so and I did cover up my chair with a waterproof pad and then piled my afghan on top of it so it didn't look like an invitation to use the pad for a litter box.  The last time I checked she was in the bookshelf that holds our towels for the downstairs shower.  She's slept there before.  She's slept almost all day.  She wasn't interested in the flannel string or the red dot this morning.  I'm hoping her temperament will even out, literature says two weeks to a month before the Prozac starts to work.

I brought her up to my room early this morning and she was again desperate to get out.  She sat by the door and cried, howled actually, until I took her back to the laundry room.  Silly me, I thought she had to go to the bathroom and wouldn't use the box in my craft room, but it seems that wasn't the case.  However, when I got back to my room, I saw she had used the box up here to pee.  And she spent half a day up here yesterday with no problems.

I've order another pill shooter, one that holds water as well as the pill.  The one we have is so long it's hard for me to use.  The new one is shorter and should be easier for my small hands to handle.  On the upside, it's getting easier to give her a pill in the morning.

Our contractor said installing a whole house humidifier isn't a problem and he'll be ready to work on the 11th and will give us a list of parts to buy.  He's starting on the guest room first, but I'd be happier if he'd do the humidifier before the bathroom.  I shock myself on my computer now and it's uncomfortable.

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