Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday, January 29 - Day 12

Sassy finally let go last night and again this morning.  What a relief that it was after I went to bed so Carl had to clean the litter box last night, but I did the honors this morning.  I actually had to spray the laundry room - whew! - and turn on the exhaust fan.  This morning we were playing the chasing game.  She hides behind my big footstool until I pop over the footstool and say 'boo'.  Then she takes off running through the family room and into the spare bedroom where she hides on the other side of the treadmill and we start all over again.  After about five trips at breakneck speed, she finally plops down on the hearth to catch her breath.  Day 12 and no accidents.  She's still on the Prozac, she's eating and drinking well.  She's spending more time by herself in the family room and seems to be adapting to the meds well except for the occasional bad temper.  When we're in the family room she likes to stay close to us, so we're pleased with that.

I'm starting to worry about our trip in March.  Our sitter had a terrible time with the Prozac when we went to Florida at Christmas and had to discontinue it.  Sassy hid behind the entertainment center and it would take the incredible hulk to get her out.  The sitter can't spend all day waiting for her and she tends to have accidents when we leave and when we return.  Punishment perhaps.  So, we're thinking of boarding her if our new vet does that.  Otherwise, we might have to keep her locked in the family room while we're gone.

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