Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sassy's sick...

Sunday - 7:44 a.m. - Sassy had a bad case of the runs last night - the good news is it was all in the litter box.  The other good news was after I thoroughly cleaned her box yesterday and added an inch of new litter, she not only used the box, but she actually covered up stuff.  Lots of evidence of scratching which she hadn't done before.  Could the depth of the litter have been the problem all along?  I'd give myself a Gibbs slap if that were true.  While I was cleaning the litter box, she threw up in the family room - a huge hairball, among other things.  We got out the spot cleaner and cleaned up the mess and just left her alone for a while.

A half an hour later, we had another round of the diarrhea, worse than the first one.  I had read that if a hairball gets caught in the system, the only thing that can work its way around the hairball is liquid.  So, that explains the runs.  And, with long fur, there's always a mess on her associated with the mess in the litter box so it was up to the sink for a hosing off.  I also removed her breakfast to save for later, I'm sure her stomach isn't up to eating.  She's currently in her 'safe place', hiding in her carrier.  She only uses it when she's stressed as I expect she is now.

We've put Hairball Control on our shopping list since she's not really happy with me brushing her lately.  She used to love it, now, not so much.  Cats are really funny creatures, aren't they?  Perhaps she's in a snit about being locked up.

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