Saturday, January 12, 2013

Major setback...

We left Sassy out on the 2nd level last night and I found a mess on my footstool this morning.  We immediately scooped her up and put her back in the bathroom with her breakfast.  After I finished some work around the house I went back down to sit with her while she gets some exercise out of the laundry room and noticed she had poop on her backside.  Quite a bit of it.  And there was some poop in her litter box.  I took her up to the kitchen and bathed her from the waist down.  She's so much bigger than our last cat and Carl drove to the city this morning so he couldn't help - she absolutely hated the bath but didn't bite or scratch me.  It was difficult to hold her and wash at the same time but I finally finished.  After she was clean and as dry as she would let me get her, I took her litter box to the garage and brought in the clean one (we haven't changed the litter or the box in two weeks).  Later this evening I will have Carl hold her while I take the clippers to her backside and clean up some of that fur.  I don't know if the accident was due to her idea the box was dirty, poop stuck to her butt or civil disobedience.  But, she's back in the laundry room at night again and we're starting Day 1.

I read on the ASPCA site this morning that this could take months and sometimes cat's won't change their behavior no matter how long you confine them.

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