Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ten days in lock up....

Sassy has been a prisoner of the family room, laundry room and bathroom for ten days now with no accidents.  She has the run of the two rooms all day but is locked up in the laundry room/bathroom over night.  For the first nine days one of us watched her almost all the time she was free.  If we had errands to run (we're shopping for the guest room remodel now), she went back into the bathroom.  She doesn't protest spending time locked up.  For a few days she ran to the temporary door every time we opened it, but now she rarely opens her eyes when we come and go.  She has taken up residence on my chair and will only give it up under protest.

As you can see from the picture above, she isn't really stressed.  We play with her in the early morning after we let her out and before we put her to bed.  She likes to chase the red dot and play with the flannel string on a stick.

Today, for the first time, we've left her out alone.  We peek in on her now and then but she's mostly sleeping.  I'm up in my craft room and Carl is working on photographs to submit for exhibitions.  I should have a new card on my blog tomorrow.

I actually have a small tip for you today - something I discovered that probably everyone in the world knows about.  I was cleaning my food processor and couldn't get my dishrag into some tiny nooks and crannies.  I remembered that I had just changed my toothbrush yesterday and had thrown the old one in the cabinet under the sink (they work good for spattering).  I went up and grabbed it and used it to get into those tiny areas that I couldn't reach - worked like a charm.

New card tomorrow and the results of our first guest room material shopping trip.

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