Sunday, January 27, 2013

Update on Sassy....

This is Day 10 of Sassy's confinement.  If we're not actively watching her, she's in the laundry room.  We haven't had an accident in all of the ten days but her bathroom habits have been very irregular.  She can go two whole days without using the litter box and we know she hasn't been going any place else because she's constantly under our supervision.  She's also been getting her Prozac every day which is causing personality changes.  She more agressive, not to the point of hurting us, but she really lets us know that she's not pleased with us.  She's more vocal to the point of howling.  Some days she sleeps most of the day and other days she's wide awake for most of it.  She's not playing like she used to, she's rarely even interested in the red dot.  We're hoping her temperament will even out soon; literature says two weeks to a month before the drug really takes effect.

I do take her to my craft room once in a while.  She has a litter box, food and water here and I can keep an eye on her while I craft. 

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