Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday, January 21 - Day 4

We're settling into some kind of routine.  About five a.m. I get up, fix Sassy's breakfast, break a hairball tablet into a bowl, force a Prozac down her and then feed her.  After reading the paper, drinking a cup of coffee, playing with her for a bit and watching the news she goes back into the laundry room.  Carl and I each take about an hour during the day to sit and play with her; she needs the exercise.  She comes out of the laundry room again around five p.m. while we eat dinner in the family room and she stays out until Carl goes to bed - around ten.  We haven't had any accidents because if she's out of the laundry room, we're watching her full time, if we can't see her, we go looking for her.

This morning her pill went right down, she played with the 'flannel string' (her favorite toy) ate about half of her breakfast, she hasn't touched the hairball medicine yet but she did eat it yesterday, and best of all, she had a normal (and large) bowel movement.  We fear she might be creating a new habit.  The laundry room/bathroom is the one we use when we're watching TV and she usually follows us into the bathroom if we go.  Yesterday, she followed me into the bathroom and while I used the toilet, she used the litter box.  This morning she did the same thing.  We know she can go by herself with no paw holding, but it's funny that she wants to 'go' while we 'go'. 

I'm still feeling very guilty about confining her but since she sleeps so much, I guess it isn't such a hardship on her.  She has a cozy bed in the laundry room in a nook between the sink and the washer and she has some toys that move around so I'm sure she's playing with them.  We clean the litter box as she uses it so there's no odor (that we can smell anyway) and we completely change and scrub the box on Thursday (garbage day).  Twenty six days to go.

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