Sunday, January 13, 2013

Plan ZZ falls apart....

I spent most of yesterday using our new Hoover Carpet Cleaner in my craft room.  I added some vinegar to the last pass so my room smells like vinegar but according to the web, cats hate the smell of vinegar.  I only used it in the area that Sassy used while we were on vacation.  While I was at it, I also cleaned the hallway.  I love the new carpet cleaner but since it's small and easily managed, it runs out of water frequently.  I wouldn't recommend cleaning a whole house with this, but for smaller jobs, this little beauty rocks.

Meanwhile, last night the other shoe dropped.  I suspect Sassy is the one that made a mess in the spare bedroom six inches from the litter box.  We cleaned it up, sprayed the area liberally with vinegar water and pondered our next move.  Which we are still pondering.

Sadie has been completely untouchable for the last two days.  She's been playful, more active than usual but not in the least friendly.  It's clear she's not happy but we don't know if it's because of the medication or just her crappy personality.  We're going to give her a week to calm down, if she doesn't, we'll call the vet and reinstate the meds.  I'd rather she slept all day and seemed comfortable in the house than always angry and on edge.

So, we don't have a plan.

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