Friday, August 23, 2013

Chasing the ant...

Every once in a while we get a large black ant in the house.  We don't know where they're coming from but this morning the cats found one and they were a 12" ceramic tile apart watching the ant until Sadie got tired of watching and walked away.  Sassy stayed with the ant until it made a run for the grandfather clock and Carl took it out of it's misery.  Later this morning, Sassy was laying in Carl's chair and Sadie jumped out of the window to the back of Carl's chair, down to the arm, hissed a little hiss at Sassy, jumped to the floor and walked away.  Sassy watched her but didn't chase her.  Last night there was some action but we honestly think they were playing - or attempting to play.  If that's true, they'll need to teach themselves how.

Sadie gobbled up her pill again this morning.  She's eating a lot more food in the morning than she does at the evening feeding.  We may just do away with the evening meal altogether.  I've been attempting to groom Sadie, brushing her lightly every time I catch her sleeping.  She's getting more amenable to it but still only allows me a few minutes.  I keep forgetting that all these things are new to Sadie.  Her fur is getting glossier but she's still got the dandruff problem.  The internet said brushing will break it up so I've been sneaking that in.  It's easy to catch Sassy and brush her for ten minutes, she's used to it now and just purrs.  I even managed to use the electric razor on the backs of her legs under her tail yesterday by myself.  It gets messy and there's so much fur to clean up, it's easier on us all if I keep that short.  She didn't mind at all.  I can't imagine how Sadie would react, I'm guessing I'd need Neosporin.

I think based on the last few days we will leave both cats for Tiffany and the kids.  We will cut the canned food down to breakfast.

Edited at 1:48 PM - SADIE IS PURRING!

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