Sunday, August 4, 2013


Updated:  10:44 a.m. - Sadie is now in my craft room laying at my feet and giving my hand a bath.  Mattress pad and comforter are at the cleaners - another $37.00 down the drain.  What a difference a couple of hours makes.

Sadie seems to be growing increasingly agitated.   She's growling every time she sees Sassy although Sassy isn't doing anything but laying down.  Sadie has now torn the screen in the family room window and given enough time we believe she would rip the screen and be gone.  While we attribute the bulk of the damage to our screens to the stray, Sadie is obviously contributing to the problem.  She runs frantically from window to door to window to door, it's obvious she's stressed.  Sadie's tail is always twitching now except when she's asleep and she doesn't sleep nearly as much as Sassie does.  And when she does sleep, it's usually at my feet which is funny because she doesn't seem to like me much (although she seems to like me better than Carl).  She is definitely more aggressive now than the day we brought her home so we're going to make a vet appointment next week.  And good luck to us getting her in the carrier.  Besides the aggression problem we're going to have to have her declawed.  I've struggled with that, I HATE the idea of removing her front claws, it will be almost as traumatic for me as for her, but we can't put up with the damage she's doing.  Perhaps the vet will have an alternative for us.  This morning she was laying in the family room window when I went down to check the laundry and I stopped to say hi like I usually do.  When I reached out to pet her, she lunged at me and hit my hand so hard with her teeth that my hand swelled up.  She also managed to bite me in the process.  She's been terribly vocal with me but has never really hurt me unless we were playing.  She's caught me with claws so often I always seem to have holes in my arms, but I don't think any of it was on purpose until today.  She actually frightened me today. 

We have also discussed that maybe Sadie would be happier in a one cat family.  Sassy doesn't seem to bother her nearly as much as she used to, Sadie sometimes screams just because they're in the same room, not because Sassy is attacking her.  Sadie is also using the litter box I put in my craft room - there were no accidents last night but I did discover that she peed on our bed again and we think she did that while our contractor was fixing a leak in Carl's bathroom.  Carl caught her on our bed but the black side of spread was on the bed and you couldn't see the mess unless you turned the comforter over to see the white side, it was down at the end of the bed and had dried before we came to bed.  You'd think we would have smelled it but with the windows open and the fan going, we didn't.  I just happened to see it last night when I pulled the comforter down because it's too hot for me.  So, another trip to the cleaners with the spread and the mattress cover.  I'm really tired of doing this not to mention the expense.  We have the gate up to our bedroom but took it down when the contractor was back and forth from his truck to the bathroom, we tried to make it easier for him.  BIG mistake.  From now on, that gate stays up no matter what.

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