Monday, August 12, 2013

Who let the mountain lion loose?

The trip to the vet today was a disaster.  Sadie was asleep on the floor of my craft room when Carl came up with the pet carrier which has a large opening.  I just picked her up and put her inside, it was zipped up before she even knew what was happening.  Sassy was asleep in her carrier so Carl just zipped it up and away we went.  Both cats went into the back seat with a little vocalization but for the most part they were quiet.  We had an interview with Dr. McFarland because Sadie had not been there since we've had her (she did get chipped and spayed there through the ARK before we got her).  We explained about the aggression, how long we'd had her, about the claws and the bloodletting.  We took both carriers into the examining room (one of the many reasons I like this doctor, we're allowed inside during the exam) and Dr. McFarland decided to exam Sadie first.  We opened the carrier and Dr. McFarland reached inside and said later she knew Sadie would be impossible to handle when she felt Sadie tense up.  So she grabbed her by the scruff and tried to pull her out of the carrier.  Sadie let out a scream that you could probably hear a block away, a truly hair raising primal scream that scared me and she dug into the floor of the carrier with all four paws.  It took Dr. McFarland two hands just to hold Sadie without getting bit, get her out enough so that another assistant could give her the two shots - Sadie was shoved back into her box, the box was zipped and Sadie was weighed in it.  Needless to say, her ears were not cleaned nor her nails cut.  She growled at me when I tried to talk to her and lunged at me when I tried to pet her through the screen of the carrier.

When we got home, Sassy ate some treats and took a nap (but not in her carrier, how smart is she?)  We let Sadie go upstairs, she ran to the craft room and let me rub her ears for a bit.  I got her a bowl of water and some treats which she ate and she crawled under her shelf for a nap.  She slept all afternoon and hasn't eaten supper yet (supper is at 5:00ish every day).

Dr. McFarland prescribed Prozac which is good because Sadie has been getting it since August 4th.  The vet said it takes 30 days to take effect so we've still got some time left.  I have noticed that Sadie sleeps more during the day than she used to and Dr. McFarland said some people don't like that and they cut the 1/2 pill in half again.  We don't mind Sadie sleeping a little extra but she will get used to the Prozac in time like Sassy did and won't sleep as much.  I will be counting days until a month has passed to see if something changes.  We also found out that we could still have her declawed if we needed to.  They would rather do it when they're young, but Sadie is under the wire there.  We still won't have that done unless it's absolutely necessary.  And the fish oil capsule I've been squirting on her food once a day is just the thing for her dry skin.  I actually got that from the internet which the vet said has some good information if you know where to look.

It's such a good thing that we don't have to take Sadie back to the vet for a year.  But she didn't really have an exam so that worries me, but you can't have everything.  Carl brought Sadie's food up to my room so she hasn't been in the rest of the house since she got home.  I may try to pick her up later and see how she reacts.  She gave my hand a bath a little while ago so she's forgiven me, I'm not so sure about the vet, though.

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