Sunday, August 25, 2013

Detante (maybe)

It's nap time here.  Both cats are in the family room, Sadie in her window behind the drapes and Sassy by the fireplace.  Sassy hasn't used her carrier to sleep in since her vet visit.  We violated that space, it has always been her 'safe' place, no one was allowed to touch her in it.  The day of our vet visit, she was asleep in it and Carl just zipped it up.  Perhaps she'll forgive the carrier in time and curl up for a nap in it.  She's taken over the sewing machine cabinet in the spare bedroom, she sleeps there most of the time.  Sadie loves the family room window, it is her own now.  Last night she was on Carl's chair just before dinner.  Picking her up isn't a task either of us enjoy and someone had to move her before Carl could sit down to eat.  I was all for drawing straws or maybe a rousing game of rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock.  He finally mustered up his courage and picked her up even though she screeched at him.

And this morning she was playing with the flannel strip on the floor next to my chair when she suddenly started screeching.  It sounded like someone was pulling her intestines out, both of us jumped up, but she just kept playing with the flannel strip like nothing was happening.

Sassy, had her green glitter ball at the bottom of the steps to the top level and was just meowing her head off.  So, I go to see what's up with her (she has me really well trained) and she runs away.  I go back upstairs and five minutes later it starts all over again.  Sassy wants to play and that's all there is to it.  So, I chase her for a bit, put in a load of laundry, chase her a little bit and clean the kitchen and chase her a little bit until she settles down for a nap.

This video was early this morning in my craft room.  That's a box of DVD covers.  I'm transferring our VHS tapes to DVD and I use these covers for them when I'm finished.  I just opened this box last night and Sadie found it this morning.  Boxes must be great fun.

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