Saturday, August 3, 2013

Screaming now....

All was quiet last night, Sadie spent most of the night in my craft room with me.  She's actually sleeping just to the left of my computer - she usually sleeps just behind my chair so I have to look for her every time I move.  This morning Sadie was in her bay window and Sassy was racing through the house waiting for me to chase her.  And I thought, hmmmmm, it might be a peaceful day.

I finished the paper and my coffee, moved up to my craft room to get ready for a Festival on Saturday and found a large pile of poop on Sadie's blanket in the corner of my craft room.  I cleaned it up and took the blanket down to the laundry room and washed it.  At least she kept it on the blanket so I didn't have to clean the carpet.  I thought about keeping my craft room door shut at night along with all the other doors we shut:  our bedroom, my bathroom, the spare bedroom, the basement - our hope is if Sadie doesn't feel as if she's trapped in a room, she'll use the litter box.  Then it occurred to me that maybe Sadie feels trapped in her litter box.  It only has entry on one side (it's blocked on the left and in front) and if Sassy is guarding the box, Sadie can't get in.   I moved the box to the other side of the room where it's open on either end.  The other option is to put it out completely in the open which isn't my first choice since it's in our living room.  As I finish this, Sadie is right behind my chair again so I can't move, I'm off to get her nice clean blanket to put back in the corner.  And as soon as I get the area under that shelf cleaned out, I'll move another litter box up here, not my first choice, either.

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